Environmental Services

FluidClarity applies integrated, context sensitive approaches to environmental modeling and assessment. A selection of FluidClarity's services and capabilities of relevance to NEPA includes:

  • Natural resources assessments, threatened and endangered species
  • Measurement and monitoring of noise exposure and local air quality
  • Modeling, analysis and evaluation of noise exposure and emissions
  • Techniques for the mitigation of hazardous air pollutants and noise
  • Community meetings and public outreach
  • Preparation of documents and technical reports
  • GIS driven land use analysis

Fox River Watershed Water Quality Database Development

FluidClarity assisted with the development of a database that included facilities regulated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) in the Fox River Watershed.

MWRDGC Flood Control Studies, Upper Salt Creek and Deer Creek

As part of the MWRDGC Watershed Planning efforts, two flood control projects were chosen for final engineering. FluidClarity, as a subconsultant to Black and Veatch, provided survey, wetlands/ecological services, prepared an ecological and habitat restoration planning and permitting assistance.