FluidClarity is a dynamic and growing water resources consultancy. Our staff have specific engineering skills and are involved in an direct and hands-on manner with all client projects. We are always searching for qualified candidates in the following areas. If you would like to send us your resume for consideration, please send a cover letter, three references and your resume (PDF format) to:

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Water Resources Engineer

Water Resources Engineers are needed in our team to solve a variety of problems involving the natural and built environments such as flooding, stormwater management systems, drainage, stream erosion and water quality pollution.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers are needed to perform due diligence, assist our municipal and state clients with a variety of environmental problems, permitting of facilities and compliance.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers are needed to work in interdisciplinary teams to design, plan and construct water resources engineering facilities such as stream restoration works, storm water management systems, drainage systems and water supplying facilities.

Natural Resource Specialist

Natural Resources Specialists are needed in project teams to inventory, analyze, and identify natural resources and problems and devising the most effective means of restoring and preserving the natural environment.


FluidClarity scientists in biological and chemical sciences work in interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex environmental problems in order to preserve and restore our natural environment. Our scientists play key roles in all services including watershed planning, natural resources studies, and TMDL development.